Our Programs

Industrial Athleticism

Industrial Athleticism programs are guaranteed to lower your direct workers compensation expenses, and indirect costs associated with musculoskeletal injuries.  Our biomechanics experts analyze job tasks using proprietary wearable technology, train specialists in your existing workforce, and create bespoke programming for your employees.

Our system is highly efficient with programming directed by the core exercise principles of specificity, and progression.  Following the programming will ensure your employees increase their range of motion, muscular endurance, and muscular strength.  As the saying goes; prevention is better than cure, and an Industrial Athleticism program is the best approach to lowering your workforce’s existing musculoskeletal problems whilst also preventing new ones from occurring.

Train the Trainer

We have courses designed to educate and empower members of your workforce to be Wellness Champions.  The curriculum is delivered by our master trainers, and is designed around your employee's schedules with every part of the process being tailored to your location and requirements.

Once trained, the Champions deliver fitness classes and personal training sessions to your entire organization, and will become the bedrock of changing your culture to one of wellness and excellence.  Having an engaged and productive workforce is a priority for any organization, and the studies show having healthy and energized people is the best way to achieve this.

Interested in Building a gym?

We have designed and delivered dedicated wellness spaces all over the country.  The equipment is functional and every piece has a purpose.  We work with whatever space you have; whether its unused office space or an empty corner of a storage building, to turn it into an area your organisation will love.

Thought a gym was too expensive? Time to to think differently; we have negotiated excellent deals with our trusted suppliers to bring functional fitness to your facility.