Our Passion Made our Product



We create a culture of wellness within your organization. By invoking passionate performance from your existing employees. The goal is to educate and empower employee health and happiness whilst showing the employer a financial return on their most important asset, their people. 


Why, current society and life is becoming ever more automated and impersonal. But in fact your health and wellness is incredibly personal. This is why the current trend in wellness not working. We create culture of wellness from being on location, developing wellness champions,  and building reationships with your current workforce. The programming is based on your individual needs and providing solutions to everything from musculoskeletal injuries to chronic conditions, and workplace stress. 

How We Achieve

The Suitcase of Courage believes experts should be on tap, not on top. Whether your goal is to lower your worker's compensation costs, or simply gain better overall health within your organization, we providing the programming and expertise to make this happen.

A corner stone of our philosophy is that real, personal, relationships are fundamental to fostering a successful culture.  In an age where automation is replacing the human aspect of life, real human relationships are more important than ever before.  We specialize in building relationships by creating dedicated wellness champions from your existing workforce.

The word culture is derived from the latin "colere", which means "to tend", or "to cultivate".  Everything you need to grow a culture of wellness is already within your organization, we just provide the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to let it surface and shine through.

Culture refers to something that is active and ongoing; it can either be improving, or regressing.  By keeping personal relationships strong, and consistently building them, we make sure that the trajectory is always positive.  

the all important WHY

Founder and CEO Cameron Dorn has always been an advocate of pushing the boundaries of his physical and mental capabilities, however, it was when he began to share his knowledge and experience with others that he found his true calling in life.  It's simple really; we believe wellness should be for all, not just elite athletes.

At the Suitcase of Courage it is this sharing of experience and helping others improve which drives us forward, and giving has been at the core of what we do.  The Suitcase of Courage scholarship was founded at Lander University in South Carolina in the early days of our company's existence, and since then we have continued in a similar vein.  

In 2014 Cameron raised $17,000 for a school in Peru (Seeds of Hope), and his local high school in South Carolina (Ware Shoals).  He did this by breaking the Guinness World Record for the number of burpees completed in 24 hours.  

By being passionate and truly loving what we do we are able to produce uncommon results. We bring the energy that's required to win National Championships and break World Records to our clients.  We know energy is infectious, and it is ultimately what will lead to building a culture of wellness and success.

The most enjoyable moments we have are hearing of people's successes, regardless of what it is; someone completing their first 5k, losing 20lbs, coming off prescription medication, being able to play ball with their kids and not be out of breath, its all hugely inspiring!  Ultimately it's these stories that keep driving us to deliver for our clients.